Blockbusters are dumb!

Blakelee Sutton, Editor-in-Chief

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With the introduction of Steven Spielberg’s timeless classic, 1975’s “Jaws,” the concept of a Hollywood “blockbuster” began to become a phenomenon. So many creative and imaginative filmmakers throughout the 70s and 80s began to make large scale, big-budgeted movies that had an idea of their own and had a creative spark at their core.

Movies like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and the original “Star Wars” had a sense of creativeness and individuality that made them feel unique in their time. The kind of thought process that went into the production of those movies seems to be absent in a lot of large-scale movies that have come out in the past decade or so. The greediness of modern film studios can be blatantly seen with their monetary interest in sacrificing individual creativity in service of executive-written scripts that try to appeal to the widest range of movie-goers as possible.

It’s a rare occurrence now for a big movie to have a script that was put together with a passion for quality. Many movies now are created by think tanks that only have one goal at heart: making money. With large cinematic universes releasing two to three movies a year, each movie feels rather generic and like they’re just going through the motions.

Marvel Studios is a good example of this. They have a few stand out movies that elevate themselves above the rest, but the majority are still forgettable and by the numbers. They’re created with the mindset of making a large profit and making as many movies as humanly possible, prolonging the cash-printing cycle.

Back in the Spielberg era, movies were made because artists wanted their story to be put on screen. Those movies had a genuine soul and were absent of the disgusting cynicism that is prevalent in our current blockbusters.

I hope that there is a return to form soon. I’m tired of movies that don’t leave a lasting impact on me and I want to feel more than just the bare minimum of satisfaction when I’m watching movies like this. Make me feel something!