Operation white-out success!

Taylor Baker, Editor in Chief

Following the trash audit performed by the green team, the school has decided to make some environmentally-friendly changes.
As of next school year, the cafeteria will be reducing the Styrofoam usage during breakfast and lunch. Instead of using Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils, the school will switch to sectioned trays and metal utensils.
This is a huge success for the Green Team, who has spent countless hours advocating for this change. The grant-writing committee is still advocating for trash and recycling receptacles side by side in the cafeteria and around school. Members of the Green Team will be helping facilitate the change next year and guide students as to where their waste will go.
Mrs. Fraga, the Green Team staff sponsor, says that moving forward she would like to work towards getting a compost receptacle as well.
“We are hoping to continue to work with Food Services and possibly the Culinary Arts program and the Agriculture Department to implement composting at JC. There are many benefits to composting, food waste, reduction being only one of them,” stated Fraga.
Mrs. Fraga is very proud of her team and everything they have accomplished because of their persistence and passion. She also expressed her appreciation towards the school.
“We are so proud of the school district’s efforts to embrace waste reduction, increase recycling rates and to shift people’s habits for the sake of reducing greenhouse emissions and thus mitigating climate change,” Fraga stated.
The Green Team is made up of students who strongly believe that small changes will make a huge difference. If you are interested in joining Green Team, contact Mrs. Fraga for more information.