Luxury in excess

Ash Stickann, Staff Reporter

The makeup industry is something that everyone comes into contact within their life. But one thing that has been noticed by many online influencers and customers alike is packaging.
Online ‘beauty guru” and makeup Youtube channels have started denying PR (Public Relations) gifts from makeup companies. This is due to the excessive amount of packaging seen in so many of these brands.
Youtubers like Patricia Bright, Lauren Curtis, Samantha Ravndahl, Jenn Im and Jackie Aina have all taken their name from receiving lists for PR packaging. The amount of waste created by the layers of tissue paper and cardboard piles up and creates so much trash compared to the amount of product.
This is being seen not only in PR, but in packaging in stores as well, to a certain extent. Brands that claim to be “Vegan” and “Animal Cruelty-Free” are some of the many big perpetrators when it comes to creating packaging waste.
When interviewed and asked about this, an employee at Sephora who will remain anonymous said, “It shouldn’t be a problem, it should be about the product, not how much packaging you put it in.”
Employees at Ulta were asked to comment on this topic, but due to the company policy, they were unable to give a statement.
The makeup industry creates over 120 billion units of packaging worldwide every year, as told by Stylist, a widely used fashion and makeup news source.
That amount of waste is enough to cover millions of acres of land with cardboard, plastic and non-biodegradable substances. There are so many unnecessary levels to what goes into a PR box. There’s wrapping around containers of moisturizers, creams and boxes as well as the countless layers of tissue paper and cardboard to hold everything in place for at most around 4-5 items.