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Player Perspective: ESports

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Player Perspective: ESports

Quin Kempker, Freelancer

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Competitive video games, also called Esports, is an activity that is growing in popularity around the world. The prize pools for large tournaments grow larger each year; the last worldwide tournament for “League of Legends” had a six-million-dollar prize pool. Since Esports is a quickly growing industry, many colleges are implementing Esports teams and they are in need of players. This means Esports scholarships are very commonly received by students because of the high demand for players.
We introduced an Esports club at JCHS last year, and every graduating senior in the club was offered a scholarship by a college. Since that time, we have introduced teams for “League of Legends,” “Overwatch,” “Hearthstone” and “Super Smash Brothers.”
Like any sport, playing on a team requires teamwork, mechanical practice, memorization and communication.
Many people who play together within the club have become very close friends. The club is also a great place to develop connections to many people within the professional scene of gaming. We have the opportunity to speak and play with professional players and renowned coaches from around the world. These connections open future opportunities as well as help you grow as a player and as a person.
We have the opportunity to attend invitational championships if our season records are high, and have had players on the Midwest college all-star team two years in a row. A few players are currently preparing to watch a professional match in St. Louis with their coach. Esports is a great experience for anyone who is interested in gaming, and is a wonderful place to meet new people.

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Player Perspective: ESports