Plenty for 2020

Blakelee Sutton, Editor in Chief

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The Presidential Election of 2020 is quickly approaching, and this one marks a special time for a great deal of students attending JC. For many, it will be the first presidential election in which these students can vote.
With that being said, it’s important for up-and-coming voters to be aware of the people who have announced their candidacy for the presidency and the policies that they’re advocating for. So far, there are three major names that have announced candidacy.

The first and only Republican that has announced a 2020 campaign is, you guessed it: Donald Trump. No other Republican has announced their candidacy, and this could be for a lot of reasons. Since Trump is expected to be nominated by the Republican party, it’s most likely that no party member wants to defy their own faction and potentially create a division.

The first notable Democratic candidate is former California attorney general, Kamala Harris. She has a proven record as politician, and has a central policy that her campaign is revolving around: The LIFT Act. This would pay out up to $500 a month for working-class families. She’s marketing it as a tax cut and seeks to end Trump’s contributions to big businesses and the upper classes.

And making a return to the campaign scene, Bernie Sanders has also announced his candidacy for the presidency. Hoping to have more success this time around, Sanders is still promoting his overall narrative of dramatic change in American economics. As a Democratic Socialist, he advocates for policies that would provide free Medicare-for-all, tuition-free college, and a $15 minimum wage.

So, prospective voters have different choices to lend their vote to. It’s still early on, and many more candidates will continue to announce a bid for office. Paying attention to their policies can educate future voters and help with an educated decision.