Respiration appreciation

Ash Stickann, Feature Editor

Jefferson City High School’s construction zones have raised many an eyebrow when it comes to safety. Rumors that students may not be safe from things like construction dust or something else that is at a level of toxicity. But there are many precautions being taken in order to keep students and staff safe from these toxins.
Hallways that are blocked off with the thick drywall walls are used to physically block any airborne toxins from spreading, like dust, bacteria and dirt. Principal Adams he remarked how each of these areas is sealed completely in order to keep the population of JCHS from potential harm. Not only are these wall barriers keeping the students safe, but in case of a breach in the wall, the construction team would quickly fill the crevice, hole or penetration with a special tape or caulk.
Another common noticed issue is the fogginess in construction halls. Several comments from students are quick to claim that this is “proof” of the unsafe air in JCHS, but this would not be the case.
There are several reasons as to why this fogginess could be seen. The first possible reason would be due to the lack of windows and low lighting in those areas causing a more of a foggy illusion to the hall. Another thing that is causing this is the change is heating and cooling. The way heating and cooling was controlled before used more of the heat and cold air from outside the school to regulate the temperature of the school. But, due to the new air conditioning and heating system that can be seen in the newer classrooms, there has been a disruption in how “fresh air” is brought into the school.
Many students may still think that this is a risk, but the many precautions the school is taking are there to protect its staff and students. There is no need for alarm when walking through halls with construction.