White out: Green Team preforms trash audit

Taylor Baker, Editor in Chief

On March 7, The Green Team did a waste audit of all the trash collected from the cafeteria and kitchen from breakfast and lunch to see how much Styrofoam students use during one school day.
“After sorting and weighing the trash the Green Team determined 1 cubic yard of Styrofoam and 1 cubic yard of food waste had been generated. By eliminating Styrofoam and composting the food waste, the daily trash generated in the cafeteria could be reduced by 2 cubic yards. In a year’s time the volume of trash would be reduced by a whopping 360 cubic yards,” stated Mrs. Fraga, the Green Team’s sponsor.
The leaders of the team hope to put 96 gallon recycle and trash bins in the cafeteria, and 48 gallon ones hallways around the school.
They have a grant writing committee who needed exact statistics in order to write their grant and propose the idea of the extra bins.
Green Team hopes to raise awareness about how much people waste in hopes that everyone will be more environmentally conscious.

Green Team members who helped with the trash audit:
Bailey Higgins
Rani Patel
Elizabeth Nahach
Akhi Donthireddy
Joanna Chen
Bertha Tillman
Clari Kawaya
Cole Harper
Odi Ihenacho
Joanna Chen
Da’Chanel Sutton
Ranae Hurtault
Sudhi Kumer
Rayana Thompson