Love Mythology


Avery Fitzsimmons, Staff Reporter

In ancient Mythology, there are many unique stories dealing with love. One is about Cupid, the god of love. Cupid born to Venus, the goddess of love, had love binned arrows that when impaled with one causes one to fall in love with the first person they see.

There was once a king who had the most beautiful daughter. Her beauty caused many eyes to linger on her, so many that anyone who worshiped Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, now seemed to sway to the young princess. Her father seemed to showboat her beauty more than she did having parades just so people could look at her.
No one could deny her loveliness, they thought she was so gorgeous they would abandon Venus temples to worship the Princess Psyche instead. Venus’s outrage getting the best of her, ordered her son to make the maiden fall in love with the ugliest man in sight. However, he wasn’t able to fulfill his mother’s wish; Cupid ended up stabbing himself with his own arrows while looking at the girl’s face, falling in love with her himself.

Jupiter, the king of gods, finding out this news, gets the king to leave his daughter on a cliff for the gods. Psyche, would then be taken to a new place where she will live with Cupid. The catch being she would never be able to look at him. Not being able to keep her promise for long she lights a candle, and upon seeing Cupid’s face accidentally spills wax on him causing him to wake. He fled and wouldn’t return to see Psyche seeing as she broke her promise. Psyche not giving up, went to Venus to try to become worthy of Cupid.

Venus put the girl through many trials; one to cross a river and get the golden fleece of a violent sheep. The final task was to collect a drop of beauty from the queen of the underworld, but after collecting said drop she couldn’t help the temptation and opens the box that held the drop. As it turns out the queen of the underworld didn’t give up her beauty and instead put a sleeping spell for whoever opens the box. Having fallen asleep to not wake up, Psyche layed almost as if she was dead. Cupid, however, was heartbroken. He took the sleep from her face and placed it back in the box, taking her to Jupiter and asking the king of the gods to make her immortal. Granting him the wish, Psyche took a drink of immortality, and is now living with her love among the gods.