Olivia Petty

Featured Artist


Bryan Ibañez, Staff Reporter

Q: What interested you to join the schools choir department?

A: “I have been in choir since preschool, and when I got to high school I was so excited to sign up and audition. I had never done anything like show choir or a cappella before and it really intrigued me.”

Q: What is the most challenging part of learning music?

A: “I think the most challenging part is staying positive during the learning stages. Sometimes we get frustrated with the music or with each other because we don’t know the music yet. It’s easy to let the frustration get to us and makes us feel like we aren’t doing well.”

Q: What do you love the best about the choir?

A: “What I love the most about our choir is the bond we build with each other. We have fun during practices, and we hang out a lot outside of school. On our last snow day, we all meet up and went sledding. We all get along so well (most of the time) and I can always feel the love.

Q: Do you want to pursue in music after high school?

A: “After high school, I plan to study music education and hopefully stay in choir during college. Music has always been something I love to do.”