Featured teacher couple


Michelle Grant, Section Editor

Q: How did you two meet?

A: Mr. Tabb: “…it was a mission trip meeting and we’ve heard of each other but had never really met. It was about February of ‘96 or so and I walked into the room and I can still tell you to this day what she was wearing. It is kind of Disney-esque this way.”
A: Mrs. Tabb: “We met through a church we both attended through Truman State University and a lady was hosting a meeting at her house and that’s how we met.”

Q: What’s a favorite memory you have made with each other?

A: Mr. Tabb: “I was thinking about Chicago. We rode a two-person bike. We were riding one that was really old and it uh it was hard it was really hard. We got a good mile down the strip and then we went back and it was just terrible. It was kinda funny looking back and we have some funny pictures.”

Q: Any advice for having a good relationship?

A: Mrs. Tabb: “For teenagers… don’t seclude yourself. Hang out with your friends and do all those things. Get to know somebody and if it’s meant to work out it will work out…(Don’t) forsake all of that to be together.”
A: Mr. Tabb: “That’s monster big. Have a lot of friends involved.”