Head to Head: Should you date in high school? No, why would you risk a broken heart?

Rylie Bohanan, Section Editor

Everyone longs to have a relationship in high school. It’s what most teen movies are about; a high school girl and the boy of her dreams falling in love and everything wrong in life is suddenly fixed. But the reality is that high school relationships are overrated and are a distraction.

High school is a time of learning, both in the classroom and in life. This is the time in your life where you discover who you are and how what you want in life. Having a significant other could distract you from yourself and instead of learning how to love yourself you are giving your love to someone else.

It’s also a distraction from school. Instead of focusing on homework and studying, you focus on this other person and making them happy. Dating could also be stressful, and as a high school student who is already stressed over classes and grades, why add that kind of stress? You’re too young for that.

If you start dating in high school, you are opening yourself up to heartbreak and pain. Most relationships that actually have a chance of going anywhere don’t happen until after high school. Therefore, if you start dating in high school, don’t expect that person to be the person that you marry. While there are some relationships that last, the chances are very slim (less than 2% according to Rebel Circus).

High school is a time for fun. I’m not saying that dating can’t be fun and that nothing can come out of it, but I think that people get their hopes up and their expectations are too high. Then, they get upset when something doesn’t work out the way that they expected or when their relationship doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Just think things through if you want to date someone, and don’t get your hopes up too high. But most importantly, just have a fun high school experience, single or not.