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Impact of transgender military ban

Avery Fitzsimmons, Reporter

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Last year, Trump ordered the military to ban transgender people from joining. As of last week, the ban has been enacted. This means that no transgender person can sign up or enlist in the military. It’s important to note the ACLU organization put in multiple articles that the ban on transgenders goes against the Civil Right Act of 1964 that bans employment discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, race and color.

As for trans people who have already enlisted and are currently serving in the military, they could be subject to oppression by not being promoted, denial of deployment or being forcibly discharged. As for people who join the military and are trans, they can only serve under their gender assigned at birth.

If they agree to this and later come out being another gender, they could face repercussions. Now technically, the government isn’t allowed to do this. But they’re treating this like the Muslim ban passed on January 27, 2017; they loop around the technicality of this not being allowed by stating that the new policy isn’t related to Trump’s unconstitutional orders. As of now, the only way a transgender can serve as their preferred gender is if they are diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

The New York Times wrote an editorial about the ban that briefly mentions how trans people who are already severing will be affected in one of their articles. “Transgender people already serving openly may continue to serve once the injunctions are lifted,” says The Editorial Board.  They also interviewed Jody Davis, she has served in the military for eight years as a transgender woman. Davis then tried to apply to be a social worker for them only to be told “No.”

“It’s ironic,” she said, “I’ve already proved myself, and now they say I’m disqualified.”

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Impact of transgender military ban