A woman’s right to choose

Blakelee Sutton, Editor-in-Chief

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Abortion is a topic that has split a great number of the American population down the middle. The opposing sides of “pro-choice” and “pro-life” have brought countless arguments to support their position on the issue.

Those in the pro-life camp oppose or limit a woman’s right to a safe abortion. I completely understand these people’s perspective to a degree, but their points brought forth simply aren’t enough to refute the individual freedom of a woman to discontinue a pregnancy. Their arguments are varied, but the most substantial argument brought against abortion is this idea of the “sanctity of life”.

The sanctity of life arguments consists of the belief that no matter the consequences a woman may encounter from the possibility of pregnancy or what her own wishes for her body might be, the “precious” nature of childbirth should reign supreme over the mother.

Not only is this idea patently absurd, but it’s extremely harmful. The idea of forcing the beliefs of others onto one human being’s wish to pursue their life without having to be an unconsenting incubator for a fetus is a blatant violation of their right to bodily autonomy that guarantees them the right to their bodily functions.

Imagine this: you’ve been unwillingly kidnapped by a person whom you didn’t plan on encountering and they desperately need a blood transfusion. They’ve chosen you to take it. They strap you to a chair, drain the bodily fluids from your body and then say that their life overrides yours.

This can be related to abortion. A fetus has no right to impose the will of the woman that is directly supporting its life with her own body. If you didn’t wish for this to happen, then you should have every right to say no to that. The same thing goes for women. It’s completely unfair to them that they should be unwilling slaves to their uteruses and carry a fetus to term just because it’s what radical right-restricting legislators have deemed to be the “moral” choice.

With that all being said, it’s completely fine if a given pro-life woman could never bring herself to terminate a pregnancy of her own. No one is pressuring her to do that. However, she absolutely should have the option to go down that route if she wished. That’s the entire end goal here: giving women the ability to have power over their own bodies and continue to engage in sexual activities without having to worry about making a long-term commitment that they don’t consent to.