Should kids be allowed to curse in front of their parents?

Bryan Ibañez, Staff Reporter

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There are so many ways to communicate to your parents, whether you tell them how much you love your first block teacher, or how much you hate polynomial functions, but are there any [email protected]#s in there? Maybe even a [email protected]%$?

The way you communicate to your parents is different than talking to your friends. Is it okay to be comfortable enough to talk to your parents the same way you would with your friends?

While this answer varies from person to person, there is one factor that comes into play; puberty. Once kids reach their teenage years, many changes start to take place in the body. Teenagers go through hormonal and biological changes that affect the way they respond to their environment. While this biological change happens to everyone, not everyone has a drastic change in their language.

“It’s okay if it is in a respectful tone and you’re not being disrespectful towards your parents,” stated Regan Bohanan.

“As long as the word used is not being used to be disrespectful and you’re not saying it directly to them, then it’s okay,” said Daphne Maupin, Regan’s mother. Both mother and daughter have the same perspective on the subject, and I couldn’t agree more.

Communicating with your parents doesn’t have to be dull. Using a word here and there to emphasize that you’re frustrated or upset about something shouldn’t be taboo.

While you should never use curse words at your parents, being able to say one or two, especially when you’re upset should be okay.

Having a conversation with your parents is different than having one with your friends.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use bad words, just as long as you’re being respectful. I believe that being transparent with your parents is important. So, while not everybody thinks the same, what do you think? Should kids be able to curse in front of their parents?