Tiana Vaughan

Featured Artist


Taylor Baker, Editor-in-Chief

Q: How did you get into art?

A: “Art in my family is really important, so my brother would draw and everything like that. For me, my parents are always encouraging me to start new projects and that kinda really got me into art. They were never discouraging… they were alway like ‘yeah we’ll help you buy that’”

Q: Do you have a favorite medium?

A: “I love acrylic paint”

Q: Do you have a favorite project that you’ve done?

A: “I’ve done two, they are African American women with natural hair and sunflowers. That’s like my favorite that I’ve done so far.”

Q: How many art classes have you taken?

A: “I took Ceramics, Art 1 and Art 2, and I’ve also done Graphic Communications for a year”

Q: Is this something you are going to pursue in the future?

A: “I’m going to school to be an art teacher. I’m hoping to teach middle schools.”