Brain drain: classes expanding your intellect

Michelle Grant, Staff Reporter

Students and teachers explain some of the challenges they face taking some of JC’s toughest courses. But their hard work and dedication pays off in the end. The bigger the obstacle, the bigger the reward!


Students vs. Teachers

AP US History

Alec Krum

“It’s hard because of how independent it is…you have to prepare for everything so that (means) reading the book and other readings for countless hours.”

Mr. Gale

“If the course isn’t rigourous, then I’m cheating the kids.” [for the AP Exam]


Abby Baughman

“Psychology was hard because everything went by very fast. We had a short time frame to learn everything.”

Mr. Gillam

“(Psychology is tough) Because it’s vocabulary you’ve never had… It’s like stepping into algebra never taking math before.”

AP Stat

Kaitlyn Schwantner

“The class is difficult because all the writing you have to do in applying the math. Also the writing style of the multiple choice questions can really trick you.”

Mrs. Angerer

“AP Statistics requires students to think in a different way. It is not simply applying algorithms like many students are accustomed to, but it requires interpreting results and drawing conclusions which often vary within the parameters of the problem.”