Robert James

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Robert James

Blakelee Sutton, Editor-In-Chief

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Q: What drove you to become a principal?

A: What drove me into the profession in general was just being drawn to helping and teaching, I’ve really always enjoyed showing other people how to do things and showing what I know. But that’s what drove me to teaching, which led me to being a principal.

Q: How long did you teach?

A: I taught for almost four years, not a long time. I came to education late, I had a career in the military before this. I was a math teacher, I would say I was a teacher for four years in public schools. But prior to that, I did a lot of teaching in an instructor-type atmosphere in the military.

Q: What are some of your daily duties as principal?

A: Most of what I deal with is interacting with people and quality checking decisions and processes campus wide. It’s a lot of having to establish procedures and policies to guide those systems, programs and processes. I’m also the complaint department. So when things don’t work well in any of those areas, I kind of intercede and take a look at what we’ve done, what systems, what processes go from that, and what decisions we’ve made along the way.