Should seniors be featured for Jay of the Day?

Princess Garner, Freelancer

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Jay of the Day is just a person named at the end of the morning announcements, and some seniors go their whole high school careers without ever being named “Jay of the Day”.
Seniors should be named because they are the graduating class, and they should be shown appreciated by announcing their names because they have almost finished their childhood education.
It also shows a sense of inclusion to

people who don’t feel comfortable and welcome at school.
This topic was brought to my attention my sophomore and junior year because a few seniors felt sad that their names were never mentioned and felt as though Jay of the Day was just another popularity contest.
I wholeheartedly agree with this. There are enough seniors for this to happen. If there are too many, the school could do two “Jays of the Day” instead of only one.
This would be such an easy change that would impact the students in a huge way. Jefferson City High School and the school district say they want to be a family and be inclusive and this could be a great step in the right direction that I hope the Jays take.