Christmas date ideas

Michelle Grant, Section Editor

1. Go look at Christmas light displays
It gets pretty cold in Jeff in these wintry months, so driving around looking at Christmas light displays could be the perfect date idea you’ve been looking for. Some places to go to could be Binder Lake ($20 entrance fee) and the Monticello neighborhood.

2. Make a gingerbread house
Making gingerbread houses isn’t just for kids; it can be something different from the usual restaurant date. It can even be a chance for your significant other to bond with your siblings if they decide to join in and help you build the gingerbread house.

3. Go ice skating
Ice skating is a classic winter date idea. The two of you can hold hands while gliding over the ice on a wintry day at Washington Park Ice Arena. Not good at skating? Use this as an opportunity to let your date help teach you, making it a funny memory for you two to look back on.

4. Make a fort/snowman/ have a snowball fight
Bored of sitting on the couch with your significant other on a snowy afternoon? Get up and go outside. You two can get creative building a fort, or go the more traditional snowman-building route. Snowball fights can be pretty entertaining too.

5. Have a Christmas movie marathon
It wouldn’t be Christmas without watching those cheesy Hallmark movies with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Grab some snacks, blankets, your boo, and get comfy. Some suggestions include “Home Alone,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Grinch,” “The Polar Express,” “White Christmas and everyone’s favorite– “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”