Should people wear makeup?

Sarah Tuck, Freelancer

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In today’s society, everyone wears makeup, including men and women. The involvement of men in the cosmetic community is revolutionary. But should we as a society wear makeup? No. There are many negative effects that come with the use of makeup: low self-esteem, poor skin health,the amount of time spent and the cost of high-end cosmetics.
People around the world hide their flaws with makeup, instead of embracing them. If you don’t see it, it’s not there, right? Well, I hate to break it to you, it is. Over time you will start to love your flaws because they are something that makes you unique from everyone else. When you stop wearing makeup, you start to feel at peace with your natural self, and you start to become more confident.
Your skin will definitely thank you for not wearing makeup. Makeup can clog your pores, cause breakouts, and can cause bacterial build up. Bacteria build up can cause lots of acne and pimples, which might make you want to put on more makeup to cover up. Don’t. Covering up acne will only make it worse.
Another reason why you shouldn’t wear makeup is the amount of time and money it costs. Some people wake up a half an hour earlier in the morning just to put on makeup. In that time you could be sleeping or doing physical exercise. It is important that you put your physical health before cosmetics. Also, makeup is very expensive. A lot of people will drop $100 dollars on a cosmetic shopping spree. Instead of wasting such a large amount of money on makeup, try saving it up for a time in your life when you really need it.
Makeup has so many negative effects on people, we should all take it out of our lives. From low self-esteem to low amounts of money in your bank account, makeup has so many negative consequences.