Anyone can dance: CoEd Dance Team

Yessnia Dixon, Freelancer

At Jefferson City High School there has been a new trend for change. Obviously the school is changing because of construction, but there has been a change in the students. This year we have made history, the JCHS Dance Team is a co-ed team. The dance team finally being co-ed comes with a lot of ups and downs, but the downs have made the dance team come together as one. This season has put the dance team through some tests and the biggest one is other people’s opinions. In high school all students care about is the way people think or feel about them.
“It should have happened a long time ago. I feel like because he [Andrew Dyer] did that it paved the way for others,” junior Nina Totsikas states.
Numerous people in the school see the dance team being co-ed as an opportunity for others to join as well. However, it takes just one student to be negative and it spreads everywhere.
“This year I was like ‘you know what, I don’t care about what people think of me, which I shouldn’t probably do that, but I really wanted to be on the dance team. I wanted to be on it since freshman year, and it’s 2018; I’m going to change some things. So I joined, and I love it,” junior Andrew Dyer says.
Dyer has showed that it doesn’t matter what other people think. If a person loves doing something, don’t let others’ opinions take that. The JCDT is making a change by saying that anyone can join and anyone can dance.

Photo by: Michelle GrantPhoto by: Michelle Grant

Photo by: Michelle Grant