CWD: why should I care?

Ash Stickann, Section Editor

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Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD is an increasing problem in Missouri. It spreads throughout the deer population causing the bodies and minds to waste away. Over the years, this could cause a smaller and weaker population in the state.
Though Missouri Conservation Department is still collecting data and numbers for this year, some cases have already been found. On November 28, seven cases had already been found, compared to last year’s final numbers of 33 cases in total.
In an interview with Cervid Program Supervisor, Barbara Keller, she explained that CWD is a prion disease, and because of that there is no cure or vaccine. It is spread through urine, feces and blood.
Conservation asks that hunters get their gear checked to make sure it’s clean of CWD, along with hunting and tagging a lot of deer in order to get a better look at where this disease is and predict how it will spread.