Job opportunities at a local bank

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Job opportunities at a local bank

Lesley Altheuser, Reporter

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President Brian Berhorst started out working for his mother and father’s restaurant after he graduated from Lincoln University. He then got a call about a bank having teenage-job opportunities. After he became the president of Mid America Bank, he hired other teens to work there.

How long have you been having job opening for teenagers and why?

“There’s a number of different job opportunities for high school students, college students and adults. The bank drive through for students is 8-11AM and 3:15-6PM, on Saturdays. If you can get a high school student to come in every Saturday, that builds character. We kind of want them [the students] to be at least 16 and have good customer service. Students need to be able to drive. They develop business skills, trustworthy skills, help the bank and [the bank] provides them good opportunities for college resumes, and jobs. It’s a win-win situation for the students and the bank. I’ve gotta trust them, and they are a representative of Brian Berhorst who is a representative of this bank.”

What is the average starting pay?

“Teens make $9.50-10 per hour. Adults salaries are based on experience and position level. The adult average is $35 thousand a year.”

What characteristics or skills do you look for in employees?

“I look for honesty, someone with good communication skills, worth ethic, someone willing to meet a challenge, willing to learn. We look for communication, typing, english, mathematics, interaction or social skills. There are final and communication responsibilities with customers and decision making. Not all customers have the same needs or final level, so we have to be flexible.”

What is something you want to to tell the students?

“…living their dream, finding out what they love to do, taking their passion, doing 110% in what they like to do… What they want to become. It’s so easy in life to be average. Students have the ability to do more, work harder to strive to be the best, and that’s what we say like the Jaybirds, we strive to be the best. It’s takes effort.”