Cheap Christmas gifts

Rhakala Blackmon, Section Editor

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It’s that time of the year; its cold, you’re stressed and you have to buy a whole bunch of gifts. But what if you don’t have a job or you simply don’t have a lot of money? This guide will hopefully give you some good ideas for some cheap gifts.

1. Gift cards
Give someone a gift card. It’s perfect gift if you don’t know exactly what the gift receiver wants.

2. Memories in a jar
Very simple. You can buy a cheap mason jar from the dollar tree. Write the memories on small strips of paper and add some of their favorite bitesize candy.

3. A cute key chain
Can be bought from Walmart or even Online from Amazon. Very simple and perfect for a friend who’s always misplacing their keys.

4. Succulents
Succulents are pretty plants that complete any room and can add a little life. They also don’t die easily. Succulents can be bought from a florist for about $10.

5. Jewelry
You can find some cheap jewelry from places like Walmart or stores at the mall. An easy gift you can’t go wrong with for males and females.

6. Scrunchies
It seems like these things are always disappearing or getting “stolen.” These are pretty cheap and can get pretty fancy looking.

7. Snacks and a letter
This is probably one of the cheapest gifts. You can get your friends favorite snacks like candy, chips, drinks, cake in a mug. Then top it all off with a letter written on pretty paper with your best handwriting.

8. Bath bombs and face masks
These can both be found at your local Dollar General. Get this gift for someone who really enjoys these things and maybe try some rose water.

9. A Phone Case
If you only have one best friend and don’t mind spending some cash, order your bestie a customized case with some of your favorite pictures of the two of you.