Will Mollenkamp

Featured Artist


Blakelee Sutton, Editor-In-Chief

Q: What is your role within band?

A: “I am the drum major, I’m the highest ranking student. Mostly, I just conduct. I do some shuffling and disciplinary action.”


Q: What work went into getting that high?

A: “Mr. Meyers has known me for a long time. He knew my siblings, so going in he knew that I was going to be a good worker. I was a good player and marcher for two years, so he decided that I was good for the role.”


Q: What drove you to join band?

A: “Both of my parents did it and both of my siblings did it. It was just kind of something you do for our family.”


Q: What responsibilities do you have within band?

A: “My primary thing is conducting, so I have to be the first to learn all of the music. At some point there is some level of teaching music if I have to, or helping with marching technique. If there’s an issue between two people in the band, we have a hierarchy so they’ll take it to their section leader. The section leader will take it to a J.O. if it’s still a problem and if the J.O. still has a problem with it, they’ll bring it to me. If I still have a problem, I’ll take it to a director.”


Q: What do you enjoy most about band?

A: “It’s really loud, it resonates through your body. From a very formative age I’ve been kind of immersed in music.”


Q: What negative aspects come with being in band?

A: “It’s a lot of stress. If you get something wrong, the director’s don’t like that. If there’s a break in time between the winds and drumline, the director gets upset with me and Katie [Vogel] for not keeping tempo even if we did.”


Q: What do you want to improve upon as you expand your role within band?

A: “I’m always looking to increase my musicality. As a musician, just feeling the music more. I’m a very technical player, so I play what’s on the page. I need to do more putting emotion into that. As a leader, I tend to get kinda short with people if they’re not doing things right. When people aren’t doing their job, I tend to get kinda upset and I need to work on that.”