5 Places to hike this fall

Michelle Grant, Reporter

  1. Ha Ha Tonka

Travel Time: 1 hour

Location: Camdenton

Ha Ha Tonka is home to sinkholes, caves, a natural bridge, a spring, bluffs and the remains of a gothic castle. The castle was built by Robert Snyder, but later burned down in 1942. The remains of this once beautiful mansion still stand as a spooky reminder of what it once was.


  1. Painted Rock

Travel Time: 17-20 minutes

Location: 7 miles west of Westphalia

The trails at Painted Rock lead through the woods to many viewpoints looking out from the bluffs. There is even evidence of a Native American burial site located along Osage Scenic Bluff Trail.


  1. Elephant Rocks

Travel Time: 2.5 hours

Location: Belleview

If you and your pals want to go on a road-trip, Elephant Rocks could be the outdoorsy adventure you’re looking for. This park is located on an old quarry, with giant granite rocks scattered atop a bluff. A scenic trail through the woods leads up to these giant rocks.


  1. Devil’s Icebox

Travel Time: 30 minutes

Location: Columbia

Devil’s Icebox is a cave spanning up to 7 miles. In addition to the cave, there is a natural rock bridge, sinkholes, and other smaller caves.


  1. Rocky Top

Travel Time: 45 minutes

Location: Lake of the Ozarks

This trail quickly leads right to a large open field with rocks scattered all about it. From there, hikers can continue down the path and eventually arrive to a beautiful overlook out onto the Lake of the Ozarks.