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The truth about alcohol

Rhakala Blackmon, Reporter

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Some Jefferson City students have let Daren the D.A.R.E. lion down. Alcohol is on the list of substances used by JC students. In the chart you can see that so far this school year we’ve had 4 instances of drug/alcohol abuse. Alcohol is harder to be more discreet with, but with the options of parties on the weekend, filling up a solid bottle with alcohol, and sometimes even having access to alcohol at home could sadly turn some JC students into full-blown alcoholics and has some students on the verge.

Everyone knows the basic facts about alcohol: it’s a depressant, the teen body cannot handle alcohol, alcohol is bad and it breaks down some of the main organs needed to function. But, not many people fully understand the full effects of alcohol. The brain, liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys and stomach are some of the organs that feel the full effects of alcohol. In some cases there are adults who drank so heavily as teens that as adults, their organs will sometimes fail from all the abuse.

A heavy drinker is someone who drinks a lot over a period of time, while a binge drinker is someone who drinks an excessive amount over the period of a day. Heavy drinking as a teenager can impact health as an adult.

According to Next Generation Village, starting off drinking as a teenager paves the pathway for alcohol abuse as an adult. Binge drinking on the other hand can cause alcohol poisoning, which can cause death, choking, severe dehydration, seizures, hypothermia, irregular heartbeat and brain damage. So, the next time you choose to drinking underage ask yourself is it worth it?


Number of Drug/Alcohol Instances at JCPS


As of 11/5/18:


JCHS:  4

Si9GC:  1

JCAC:  1

TJMS:  1


Total:  7



2017-2018 School Year:


JCHS:  48

Si9GC:  20

JCAC:  17

TJMS:  12

LCMS:  2


Total:  97


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The truth about alcohol