Walker returns to Alma Mater

Rylie Bohanan, Reporter

At the end of the 2017 football season, Coach LePage, after 12 seasons at JC, had announced he was stepping down as head coach and returning to Blair Oaks High School, where he had coached before joining the JC football staff.

This news upset some players, like senior linebacker, Jeremy Zayumba.

“I felt really upset and mad [when hearing about Coach LePage leaving] because it was going to be my senior season,”Zayumba says.

With LePage gone, this left an opening in the head coach position. This brought in new head coach, Terry Walker, from Blair Oaks High School. Coming off of a winning season (13-1)  at Blair Oaks, and the Jays just finishing with a losing season (3-7), people were excited to see what Walker could do.

When asked why he chose to come to JC, “I love this school. I grew up here, I attended this high school, high school means a lot to me…I was gone in the Air Force for twenty five plus years, the prospect of coming back here, to an area that had a significant impact on me meant something to me,” Walker responded.

Before Walker was announced as the new head coach, rumors spread of his coming to JC.

“When I heard about Terry Walker being the new coach, I wasn’t surprised. I had heard a lot about him and about how he wanted to return [to JC],” Zayumba states.

Walker is known for being a strong believer in hard-work and having a very discipline team.

Coach Walker had four goals set for the season, “I want to see the kids continue to improve with their effort. I want them to continue to become mentally tough and more physically tough and I want to see them play with more edge that we did not have at the beginning of the season.”

Coach Walker also challenged his players in ways that Coach LePage did not. It was a very different and challenging experience for everyone.

“The first practice was very different. It was a lot harder and the coaches were making us do things that were very different,” Zayumba recalls.

Coach Walker wanted to do things that the players weren’t comfortable with or what they weren’t used to. He believed that it would help them improve quickly, and it did.

“We improved each week, and that’s all I could really ask.”

Even though the season didn’t end the way that many would have hoped it would, Coach Walker brought a new name for the Jefferson City High School football team and will continue to improve the program as a whole.