Shooter Preparation

Blakelee Sutton, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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The recent uprise in school shootings across the nation have taken many tolls on our school system. Not only has the fear of such an even within us grown exponentially, but our need to prepare for an event such as this has also grown.

More specifically, the Jefferson City Public Schools Administration has taken steps with the teachers, faculty members, and the overall staff to better prepare our schools for a possible active shooter. Many lessons and meetings are had to inform the schools about any new practice that has been put into place.

The Jefferson City Police Department has partnered with the public schools to conduct these meetings in an attempt to educate the school workers in the best way that they can. Schools each have Student Resource Officers (SROs) that patrol and protect the building and they have most definitely been influenced by the uprise in shootings.

Officer Chris Joyner detailed how this uprise has affected his job. “I think it’s made us more proactive in our approach. We’re gonna try to hit all the schools in the district to teach the staff and the teachers A.L.I.C.E. It’s the civilian side of active shooter. The acronym is Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Escape.”

Joyner further elaborated on the police department’s approach to further educating the staff and faculty.

“Officer Goshi is the A.L.I.C.E. instructor. He’ll go through an hour long presentation and then we’ll go into different scenarios to show the staff what the proper response would be to that sort of incident.”

JCHS teacher Jason Ross gave his perspective on the procedures and scenarios given to the teachers.

“They gave us some scenarios as a group and asked what we would do in different situations. They stepped us through the process as far as an alternate place to react for different situations and scenarios,” Jason elaborated.

At JCHS, Principal Jacob Adams is the emergency procedure coordinator. He gave a walkthrough on his work related to the topic.

“All buildings across the district have access control, so you have to show an ID to enter. SROs are in the process of going around to meet with each FAST class to talk with students about the presentation that we just shared out here recently,” Jacob explained.

JCHS takes the magnitude of such a life-ending threat immensely seriously and its staff have many precautions taken to protect students the best they can. If something were to ever happen, those in charge are seeing to it that preparation is no issue.