JC Homecoming Court Results; Who’s in and Who’s out?

Maxwell Ntalamu, Freelance

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Last Friday, September 14, Jefferson City High school held an election to select the top five senior boys and the top five senior girls to be on the 2018 homecoming court. There were originally ten senior boys and ten senior girls nominated, but court has room for only five boys and five girls.

The girls that made homecoming court are as follows: Zoe Beavers, Hope Lewis, Micah Linthacum, Olivia Petty, and Tessa Sigmund. The Boys that made homecoming court consist of Sawyer Bohannan, Levi Jobe, Aidan McGinty, Hudson Nilges, and Corey Suttle.

One girl and one boy from court were selected at random for an interview, to provide the inside scoop of what it is like to be on the top five. One question and answer from both court nominees was then chosen for this article. Hope Lewis was the selected girl. Hope manages to keep up with her school work even though she is in: cross country, student council, track, debate, and concert choir. When asked “if this whole elections process has been stressful with all the activities you do and why?” Hope said this in response

“Yes it has been stressful it is my last year of highschool. Although I know I am acquiring skills and adapting to this stress. I am and always have been involved in multiple things at once. It is just the matter of how much I am doing at one time. Despite that, doing all these extra school activities helped me prepare for a situation like this.”

Hope is not just in student council, she is the events chair in student council. This means that she is the head planner for all the student council organized dances at JC, including homecoming.

Now onto the one selected boy from court. Aidan McGinty was chosen to be interviewed for this piece. Aidan keeps up with his school work and participates in extra activities on the side. Aidan is a dance captain for riot, a section leader in chorale, and a section leader in acapella. Aidan was asked “On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most excited. How excited are you about making homecoming court, and how would you describe homecoming this year in one word?”

He then went on to say this.

“I think on a scale of one to ten, I would be at an eleven. I am so very grateful that people thought of me when they voted. My one word to describe homecoming this year would be, unforgettable.”

Hope and Aidan are just a couple of seniors from a diverse group of senior court nominees. Although, what about the seniors who weren’t nominated for top ten and top five? How do they feel about all of this? That is where Valerie Holt comes in. Valerie is a senior at JC who wasn’t nominated for top ten and court. Nonetheless Valerie still does her part for JC. She is the student council vice president, she is in chorale, acapella, participates in coffee with christ, and is part of the National Honors Society. Valerie was asked “Do you agree with the stereotype that homecoming court nominations are just a huge popularity contest, and how would you describe homecoming with one word?”  Valerie responded with the following.

It can be a popularity contest, but I believe it is more than that. It is a way to nominate people who represent our school the best and have school spirit. Also I would describe homecoming as tradition.”

Within the next couple of weeks or so, the King and Queens will be elected. One boy from the top five and one girl from the top five will be elected by the student body of JC to be King and Queen of the homecoming court. The date for the election has not been released yet, but will be very soon.

Here are a few closing words from one of the student council advisors Mrs. Mckee, “I hope all students know that their worth is not determined by whether they make one of these lists or not. The senior class has a lot of kids and each of them adds value to our school and community—whether they make top 10 or Court does not change that.” Mckee then went on to congratulate those who did make it. “Congratulations to all the seniors who made Homecoming Court! Be proud that your peers chose you as representatives of your class and take that role as a representative to heart.”