Switching It Up For The Season

Michelle Grant, Marketing and Sales Coordinator

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With a new school year comes new opportunities for changes; new classes, new people, new sports. Junior Ryann Schenewerk, a former volleyball player, decided to make the change to the girls golf team. A change in athletics was a great new opportunity for Ryann to meet new friends and get back to a sport she has enjoyed since she was a lot younger.

“I had been playing volleyball for, forever, and I was wanting a change… I was just tired of volleyball and it wasn’t as fun as it used to be.”

Volleyball was something Ryann was used to and had played all her life. It was really exciting and had a completely different atmosphere than golf. Although it was extremely different from volleyball, Ryann took to golf very well.

“Golf is something I used to do when I was little, so it’s like it came naturally to me.”

For others, like junior Drew Tabor, not participating in football this year was a tough decision because of how long he too had been playing the sport. Even though it was a hard decision to make, it was the healthiest decision.

“I just didn’t like it anymore. It wasn’t fun. There were other things I needed to do, like work more and make more money”


Although Drew had played football for his whole life up to this point, he knew football wasn’t right for him anymore. He wasn’t enjoying it nearly as much as he used to. When he realized that, it helped make his choice not to play this year.  

“My heart just wasn’t there anymore. I couldn’t do anything else besides football with the eight hour practices.”

Since quitting the football team, more open time after school opened up for Drew. He has now been able to focus on joining new sports such as track in the spring and something he has always been passionate about; weight lifting.

“I lift at the gym… I think I liked football more about weight lifting, more than actually playing… it calms me down and stuff.”

Both students now are enjoying themselves in their new activities, and have realized that sometimes, change can be essential for growth. In the wise words of Drew Tabor himself,

“Things change, priorities change, and you just have to go with it.”