Earnest Skouby

Featured Teacher



Mr. Skouby outside his temporary classroom.

Lesley, Staff Reporter


Photo by: Lesley Mr. Skouby outside his temporary classroom.

“Old Country Boy” Mr. Earnest Skouby is an “old country boy.” He is the sub for math teacher Sarah Senter, who is on maternity leave taking care of her new baby boy. He had to complete online certification courses to be a substitute. When Mr. Skouby was in high school, he used to take the shop classes because he could get creative and build things. Speaking of building, he used to be a mechanic at a service station because he liked to fix things. He also likes to help kids fix their mistakes.

When Mr. Skouby was a little kid, he wanted to be “A bigger KID” because he felt too small. He also wanted to be a kid forever; he did not want to grow up. He just loved to be goofy and have fun. He did not want to go into the adult world.

Mr. Skouby’s father was a math instructor, so that’s what encouraged him to teach math. He chose to be a guest teacher instead of a full-time teacher. 

“I enjoy doing something different every day and seeing the differences in the schools, and I like getting to know the different students,” Mr. Skouby replied. This is his favorite part about his day.

Unfortunately he has some medical issues that recently came up, so now the school is getting a substitute to replace the substitute. He can still sub, but for very little time. It does not matter how long he teaches, what does matter is why he teaches.

Mr. Skouby has a lot of thoughts and lessons, which he uses to encourage others. “Learn all you can, never stop learning; education is a lifelong journey. Life is full of choices. Only you can decide which choice to make.”