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What will you miss about JCHS?

Yessnia Austin-Dixon, Reporter

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As we all know the school year is coming to an end faster than what we expected. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our current seniors because the will be leaving to start a new chapter in theirs lives, but deep down they will miss being apart of Jefferson City High School. JCHS is like a home away from home. You can find amazing people, join clubs or after school activities, and get a great education. High school is where you find yourself and find out where you fit in society not realizing that it will only last for four years. Weather its good or bad, your high school experience is something that you will remember forever.
For some students their high school experience was okay.
Simone Cunningham, a senior, said, “It was fine. I wouldn’t describe it as the best. I would say that it was definitely more of a learning experience than anything else.” High school is tough. Starting off as a freshman is like a wake up call that you have to get your stuff together if you want to succeed. Jaren Jones, a senior, had a different experience.
“Starting off as a freshman it was pretty much getting to know my way around the school. I learned that you have to chose your friends correctly and wisely,” said Jones. Everyone has a different way on how they feel about high school. Some people loved it others don’t. Even if you don’t enjoy high school, are you ready to leave? Taylor Horn, also a senior, fell in love with high school.
“I love Jefferson City High School. I know that a lot of people are ready to leave but im not. I love high school,’’ said Horn. We might not realize it but time is flying by and you only be in high school once. Take advantage of the different opportunities that are given. High School creates every student into their own person. You realize who you are and where you want to go. Even though some people might not like being in high school and think it’s overrated, don’t waste the little time that’s left to make this year a special one.

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What will you miss about JCHS?