Steps Into Getting a Summer Job

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Steps Into Getting a Summer Job

Emalee Murdock, Jr Editor

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1.Start researching places online to see what businesses are hiring or go into a business to check if they are hiring. Some places you can look online are,Job Finders and Indeed Jobs.

2.Ask for an application or see if an application is available on the business’ website.

3.Apply for the job. Make sure you add all important information and good references.

4.Type up a good resume and add that into your application.

5.After you turn in your application, wait a few days and then call or go into the business to check on your application. It will show the business you are interested.

6.If they call you in for an interview, dress appropriately, be prepared, and show up a little early.

7.Smile, be polite, and provide any information they may need to know during the interview.

8.Thank them for their time and wait a few days to see if they call you back. Unless they offer you the job at the interview, then show up on time when you are supposed to and work your best!