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Once in Your Lifetime; JCHS 2017-2018 yearbook

Matt LeCure, Web and News editor

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The yearbook is a compilation of everything regarding a school year, hence the name. The students, staff, athletics, clubs, events, everything that goes on in the school. All of this, from the documentation to the photography, is done by students. This year, the Marcullus team created Once in Your Lifetime, the 2017-2018 Jefferson City High School yearbook.

Like Red & Black and Broadcast Media, Yearbook is a Journalistic Production class. The prerequisite to the class is Journalistic Writing, although some kids sign up without it. The Yearbook class is run by Amy Wittman, who has been advising the organization for three years.

As of now, there are seventeen students enrolled in the 4th block class. In the beginning of the year, the class works on developing skills for reporting and interviewing. The students are also responsible for the photography and the design work, as well as ad sales and marketing.

“Some of the students have a preference for photography or they’re more confident in writing,” Wittman said. “I really encourage and require all of them to try everything.”

Even during the “Yearbook boot camp” at the beginning of the year, the class already works on covering events. Despite the book being released once, the staff have deadlines throughout the year. March 19, 2018 was the final deadline for this year’s book. On that day, all 308 pages were sent to the printer.

Once the book is sent to print, the staff work on the supplemental insert. Basically, it’s the coverage of the events that go on after the book is sent off. It is a seperate part of the book that features prom, Mr. JC, and other late-year happenings. Even after send off, the staff continue to work just as hard. This supplement to the book is sent to print in May, and will be available at registration.

This year’s book name, “Once in Your Lifetime,” came up due to the solar eclipse that happened in the beginning of the school year. Due to the rarity of the celestial phenomenon, the yearbook’s name is inspired by that. It also references how one only goes through high school once, and that you cannot relive the past.

The staff has worked on the yearbook since the very beginning of the year. They have gotten through the deadlines, pressure and more.

“As a staff, they grow closer, everyone gets to know each other, everyone gets to know their strengths and challenges,” Wittman said. “I feel like at this point in the year, everyone’s a bit closer.”

If you haven’t bought a yearbook yet, there are still some for purchase. There are order forms in the main office, or you can head to J142.

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Once in Your Lifetime; JCHS 2017-2018 yearbook