The issue with Net Neutrality


Matt LeCure, Web and News editor

Ever since the end of last year, people have been losing their minds over the thought of losing net neutrality. But like everything on the internet, the facts tend to be a little scrambled.

Net neutrality is the idea of equal access to every site on the internet, regardless of the content available on said website. This means that the internet provider has no say in what someone can or cannot do on the web. It is the idea of a free internet. With the fact that this generation uses the internet on a daily basis, net neutrality plays a big role in the modern lifestyle.

Over the past few years, net neutrality was not much of a controversial subject until the Federal Communications Commission set out to repeal it. This news infuriated people all across America, since the internet is such a massive aspect of life. Despite the shouts and pleas, the Federal Communications Commision voted to repeal net neutrality on December 14, 2017.

While net neutrality gives freedom to the consumers, the lack of net neutrality gives more power to the internet providers. That way, if someone wants to watch a video the internet provider isn’t fond of, the provider has the ability to decrease the resolution of the video, slow the loading down, increase the price to view the video, or block it entirely. This isn’t limited to videos, as certain websites can also be affected. This might impact websites that cater to the political party that the internet provider doesn’t side with, if the provider has a strong bias. While most websites don’t do this, there are some who have a party they side with. Before, this wasn’t an issue. However, the repeal of net neutrality limits what one can do on the internet if the provider says so.

As expected, many people are upset. With how much of a huge impact the internet has had on the modern society, America has come to grow quite fond of the easy access of knowledge. The internet has given more people the opportunity to connect with each other across the world. Many Americans see the repeal of net neutrality as a threat to their way of life. As the human race moves toward the future, the online world keeps getting bigger. The shift in power the repeal strives for will not directly cancel this out, but it will provide a more controlled environment. This environment can be seen as either good or bad by different sides, which is common in business.

Over the years, many different Americans have been fighting for different things. Some of those things are still being fought for. Net neutrality is a simple addition to the mountain of controversies in America. It’s a battle in which the end result has yet to reveal itself. Different people have different ideas and opinions, and those thoughts clash. The outcome of the fight for the internet might go on for decades, as both sides of the coin are strong.