Balancing Real life and Sports

Yessnia Austin-Dixon, Writer

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Finding a balance between your social life and academic life can be challenging enough for some students, being involved in an extracurricular activity can add even more stress on a student. Students who are involved in a sport are forced to divide their priorities in a functioning way.

Caitlin Anderson is a student athlete at Jefferson City High School. Anderson is involved basketball and track, and agrees that balancing sports and school work is difficult.

“We literally don’t have time between practices for each subject,” Anderson said. “So, you have to pick one subject or the other.”

Student athletes can find themselves falling behind in school with the lack of free time. Finding the right way to balance your schedule is something not only student athletes struggle with, many people around the nation struggle with the same thing.

Annabelle Maassen is an outside hitter for the JCHS Volleyball team. Maassen struggles with the social aspect of balancing her schedule. Maassen views volleyball practices and games as a social time, but struggles with being social and serious.

“I view volleyball as a totally other social life,” said Maasse. “The weekends are usually a time where I catch up in my social life and family life.”

Not only can be it difficult finding time for sports and schoolwork, but some students have a hard time balancing homelife into their busy schedule as well. Returning home after a long day of school and practice students can feel drained and not have the energy to visit with their family after finishing up homework. Rebecca Johanns, plays basketball for jchs and lives with this very problem.

“I don’t do anything else, but play basketball and go to school,” said ——. “It is difficult because I don’t get to see family as much because I’m at practice and not at home.”

Time management can be crucial when taking on a busy schedule. Chloe Helming, plays basketball, says “ I try my best to do my homework when I need to get it done. When I have free time [to finish homework] Like on the bus ride to games or on the way home from games.” In other words, any free time students have to do their homework they take advantage of it.