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Clubs that aren’t considered a sport

Tyanna Robinson, Staff Reporter

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 The word “sport” has been applied to many activities ever since the word was created. There has been a lot of arguing back and forth if some of the clubs at Jefferson City High School are considered a sport.  For example, some people think that marching band should not be considered a sport. Others argue that marching band is indeed a sport, because practices are held daily and the band wears uniforms.

So,what makes something a sport? The meaning of sport has changed a lot over time. The dictionary definition of sport is “an activity involving physical effort and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” A sport requires endurance, which is the ability or skill to perform or action for an extended amount of time. A sport requires competition to find a winner. If there is no competition, there is no sport. Lastly, a sport requires power, which is the ability to apply strength in the shortest time. These are the main requirements for what makes an activity a sport.

    Timothy Starke is a sophomore in JCHS and is a member of the JCHS Marching Band. Starke is extremely passionate about this topic.

“So many people may say that band isn’t a sport, I disagree. I’ve been in band for seven years.  Most people don’t see the effort we put in. We practice during off season. We have off season training called “open gyms” where we work on technique, “Starke said, “I personally have played football and I have wrestled. I feel as if band is definitely a sport, but not as intense.”

   A sport is a physical activity that involves skill, strength, and endurance. Almost any club or activity may be considered a sport, if it meets the requirements. Ask yourself, does it require physical ability, does it require physical skill, does the activity or club compete. If an activity has any of these characteristics, then more than likely it is a sport.

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Clubs that aren’t considered a sport