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Student athlete scholarship rollcall

Gillian Burks, Editor in Chief

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High school is the last chance of surviving our childhood years and the first step into our possibility-filled adult life. A struggling heap of woes and worries about whether we should embark into the job force or continue onto college sits on our shoulders. Some among us have already carved the next few steps in their educational paths. These talented student-athletes have been offered scholarships based on their dedication and skill in the sports that they have been playing for years.

As college tuitions rise each year, scholarships can act as a deciding factor for a student looking for an affordable education. Unfortunately, it is a cold truth that many deserving students will be unable to attend the college of their choice because it is simply too expensive. Those who go despite the cost will then have years of debt placed upon their new adult life.

An athletic scholarship doesn’t mean that the student must follow the sport into the pros, it usually only specifies that they will play for the school while they are attending. There is a negative stereotype that college students who are able to attend due to their scholarships are not as academically focused.  Senior Kayelee Payton shows dedicated interest in both her athletics and academics.

“Representing my new school is a major deal to me,” Payton said, “Not only only being a well-known student academically, but also athletically.”

Another senior, Erica Dunn, has also been offered a scholarship and has signed with Missouri Western State University. Scholarships aren’t only advantageous financially, but they also can be the beginning of a strong network of students and advisors with a similar interest.

“The scholarships have definitely taken some financial stress away, but mostly they’ve given me a new community of girls and coaches for the future,” Dunn said.

These girls and many other talented athletes at Jefferson City High School are being financially acknowledged for their abilities. As they continue to thrive in college, the student body can proudly wave them off and wait in excitement for the next year’s students to maintain the same standard.

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Student athlete scholarship rollcall