Is P.E. a necessary class?

Rhakala Blackmon, Freelancer

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A huge question that we’ve all asked ourselves as we ran in the heat on the last lap of the mile: why is Physical Education a mandatory class? Honestly, after taking P.E. in elementary school and middle school, is it still necessary to take it during high school? I am an athlete that loves competing and playing sports, but even I don’t believe that P.E. should be a mandatory class for high school.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen kids with C’s and F’s in P.E. because of lack of participation. It’s hard to stay in shape whenever you don’t participate. Some kids just aren’t interested in some of the games or units we do. Whenever you do the same thing in P.E. every year things get old. Additionally, sometimes kids are afraid to participate because they’re slower or overweight and don’t want to be made fun of. P.E. isn’t for everyone! Some people are good at math, science or history. For students who aren’t good at sports it can be frustrating to be in P.E. instead of taking a class they need to get into the college they want to. Also, the claim that P.E. or body conditioning helps students stay in shape is hard to believe. To maintain a healthy weight you must not only work out, but also eat right.

By high school people have decided whether or not they are interested in playing in college or maybe becoming a professional athlete. I think that exercise is vital, but as someone who does sports already, why do I need a P.E. class? If P.E. has to be a mandatory class, why can’t highschoolers have the option to play a sport to get their credits in? For students who don’t want to do a whole lot of running there‘s options like golf, wrestling, and even being a thrower on the track team. Overall P.E. is just one of those classes that is nice to take but not really vital in high school.