What is Art to JCHS Students?

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Art is expression through different mediums such as painting, clay, pencil on paper, crayons, watercolor, ext. Everyone has their own ways of creating art, but what does it mean to people who never do it? This is art explained by non artists, the people who claim stick figures are their only talent, and the ones who can’t tell the difference between chartreuse and lime green.
Asking a few staff members and students was the first part on the quest for artistic knowledge from those who don’t regularly create art. Beginning with quite possibly the least artistic of them all. The math teachers. Spencer Epple, a Jefferson City High School math teacher said, “art is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re into dancing that’s art, it’s not just coloring and stuff.” I asked a few others about what art is to them. Junior Michael Arnold expressed his feelings of art reluctantly, but effectively got his point across.
“Dude…art is beautiful… and heavenly things,” Arnold said, “ yeah Nature is art, like the backs of turtle shells. That’s art.” A lovely view on art surely, while Junior Manny Maire’s response was short and sweet.
“Art is self expression, and it’s satisfying,” Maire said.
While each person had their own idea of art, referring to someone who creates art everyday was an important factor to getting some information: Sophomore Bri Nelson. “Art is a perception of the human conscience. If someone views something as art, and believes that it is art to them, it is. If someone creates something with the intention of being art, to that person it is,” Nelson said “No single person can declare if something is art or not, because someone else could have a different view.”
Each view on what art is has some amazing examples that everyone can follow. Art is whatever you want it to be whatever you can dream up can be art. Creation is conscience, and seeing the art in everyday things is a key part of being human. Whatever art is to you, don’t stop creating!