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Gillian Burks, Editor in Chief

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Howdy partners,

Why is the school year not over? It honestly feels like it is taking decades to get through a few months. Now, we’re down to weeks till Christmas break. Thank goodness.

Anyone else feeling that awkward pressure of whether you should buy gifts for your family or save the little money you have and claim childhood as your defense?

What do parents even want for Christmas? Do parents even like presents?

If you guys have ideas, hit me up and I’ll be eternally grateful. Also, gift ideas for little brothers and boyfriends would be great. In fact, why don’t you just buy a few gifts and send them my way. (Just kinda kidding.)

We discuss stress in this issue’s editorial, and how it affects high school students. I’ve been personally experiencing this troublesome pest for the past week. Normally I can thrive on five to six hours of sleep, but lately I’ve been oversleeping for an extra hour or hour and a half. Even with this extraneous amount of rest, I’m still exhausted by the time I get to school.

I’ve been so stressed and mentally drained lately that I’m literally exhausted all the time. I’m falling asleep in at least half of my classes, the other day I couldn’t stay awake while writing an essay. I hypothesize that that piece may have not been my best writing.

It’d be nice if we could all go back to a simpler time when it was required that we took naps in school. Recess would also be nice, just a little note to the admin. Knowing teenagers, everyone would just spend the recess on our phones. Maybe that’s not the best idea.

At the end of this semester, I will finally be done with math in high school. (Other than the AP test at the end of the year.) This thoroughly excites me. I’m good at math, but by no means do I enjoy math. It is frustrating and infuriating and I’m sure I could find more words to describe how horrible I think it is. More power to those who enjoy math. Go to college and make a career out of it.

Speaking of college, I am still stressed about picking out a school and being accepted to the right schools. Applications are way too expensive, and so are out-of-state colleges.

It seems I should wrap up this issue of Gillian ranting for about 400 words. Winter break is just around the corner, there’s some cool photo galleries in the issue, and I’m tired.

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