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Coffee with Larry: Discussing what’s to come

Ariana Pauley, Editor

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The first Friday of every month, the superintendent of Jefferson City Public Schools, Larry Linthacum, hosts “Coffee with Larry” in the Miller Performing Arts Center atrium from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. The hour is spent on a variety of topics of public interest in order to inform all those affected by changes and events within the school district. The meeting, indicated by the name, includes complimentary coffee to enjoy during presentations and discussions.

The Nov. 3 session focused on a variety of topics in relation to the scheduled construction at both the current and new high schools. This included the substantial buzz about the new high school’s name, which still has yet to be decided. Linthacum shared that the options for the new high school’s name will be narrowed down in a meeting this month, and a selection of options will then officially be released to the public for their vote.

The members of the project that spoke at Friday’s meeting have assured that community involvement is a very important aspect to the designing and building of the new school and plan on continuing to incorporate their input as the time-line progresses.

With ground scheduled to be broken at the sight of the new school in January, the project team assures that the current high school is not being neglected. With classes still in session through May 2018, the team is planning on waiting until school is out for the summer at Jefferson City High School to begin renovations.

The current goal is to have students occupying at least part of the new high school by fall of 2019. Because of this and many other reasons, boundary lines are a very relevant topic. No official boundary lines have been set for the new and current high schools, but Linthacum and others working on the project believe the more the public’s ideas and opinions on the issue   are heard, the better.

The next meeting will be held on Dec 1.

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Coffee with Larry: Discussing what’s to come