The Homemade Cottage is only one of the many producers that set up their tables at the May Market gatherings in order to sell their homemade products to the local buyers.

Photo by: Gillian Burks

Buying local has many benefits. It reduces environmental impact, supports community groups, and keeps your community unique. Above all, it allows you to buy the things you like and not the things you are supposed to like.

Missouri has a variety of local producers who sell items from soap for soothing poison ivy to home grown barley and wheat. During the month of May local farmers come together every Saturday to sell their products. Their last meeting was May 6 and they met at Capital Bowl. Their next meeting will be the May 13 at 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. It will take place downtown on E. High Street and costs nothing to browse.

All ages work to produce items to sell at the Farmer’s Market. Two boys named Gentry and Hayden work together with their family to sell meat, eggs, and nuts. Their family has been participating in farmer’s markets for around eight years.

“[We help make] everything except the meat sticks,” Gentry said.

Starting off at a young age helps them to learn and understand business skills and the skills needed to make the products that they sell.

Some people are newer to the scene but have hit the ground with running feet. Trudy Ferguson runs a stand at the farmer’s market that specializes in jams. She has a variety of flavors ranging from pomegranate to garlic. She also sells home baked goods.

“[My favorite part is] coming to meet people. Getting to know the customers,” Ferguson said. “I enjoy making the jams.”

She is always adding new jams to her flavors. One of her most recent flavors, called carrot cake, featured a variety of spices as well as carrot, apple, and pear.

There are other stands which sell meat in a variety of bundles. From brats to whole cooked chickens there are a variety of items to choose from. Some even sell package deals which features a selection of goods at a monthly price. Fresh vegetables are a staple of any farmer’s market and they are in plenty at the may market events. Many tables ell home grown kale, leeks, lettuce and much more.

With creating jobs and supplying goods to those around you, farmer’s markets bring communities like Jefferson City’s together.

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