Head to Head: iPad are a great resource and tool

Some people like the functionality of the school-issued iPads, while others wish them a slow, watery demise

Photo by: Gillian Burks

Some people like the functionality of the school-issued iPads, while others wish them a slow, watery demise

Kelsie Backues, Staff Reporter

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We use them almost every single day, in almost every single class, and in almost every single way. Projects, presentations, papers, you name it, you’re most likely going to reach for your iPad. For freshman, sophomores and juniors, we’ve had our iPads for all of our time at Jefferson City High School, and I think most of us can agree that at first, it was a big adjustment. Even faculty and staff had to adjust, by finding ways to incorporate iPads into their lesson plans, and educate themselves and others on the in’s and out’s of the technology world. I think most of us have made the adjustment, and actually enjoy our iPads, must I add us students only paid a quarter of the normal price for. Although there is some opposition, a large quantity of students adore the iPads they’ve received. Sophomore Lily McCutchen is one of many students that enjoys using her iPad daily.

“Ever since we got the iPads, presentations and papers have been less stressful,” McCutchen said, “It’s a lot easier to contact teachers and other kids in the class if you need to as well.”

If I’m honest, in the beginning, the iPads were a problem, and everyone knew it. They gave students an excuse to play games or browse social media rather than use their class time to actually get work done. However, I think most students have grown out of that phase or realize it will benefit them to actually pay attention in class. This isn’t to say that outside of class, we use our iPads to buy things online or watch Netflix (I think we all appreciate the bigger screen.)

As the year comes to a close, the seniors will have to give up their iPad unlike the rest of us. Some seniors won’t mind, but either way, the current junior class and every class after them get to keep their iPads.

“Even though I’m a senior and I only got to use my iPad for one year, I agree that it helped throughout this school year,” senior Cameryn Campbell said. “It’s really convenient if you don’t have a computer.”

If you still haven’t gotten used to your iPad, you’re not the only one. However, I feel as though us students take them for granted here at JCHS. Whether you believe it or not, you use your iPad in several ways that make it your own, and in the end it will be your own. So no matter the problem, learn to appreciate what’s given to you and why it’s given to you.