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The science of sleep

It's not easy to fall sleep for some of us, but staff reporter Devan Palmero doesn't seem to have a problem catching Z's around the school.

Photo by: Salem Sanfilippo Solindas

It's not easy to fall sleep for some of us, but staff reporter Devan Palmero doesn't seem to have a problem catching Z's around the school.

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High schoolers need their sleep. Technically everyone does, but that’s beside the point. We all know the feeling of taking naptime for granted, since as kids we were active and curious about the world. As teens and young adults, we find ourselves in class dozing off every now and then. So why do we love sleeping so much? And why are we tired all the time?

The National Sleep Foundation states that high schoolers need seven to eleven hours of sleep each day. However, even after all that and more, we still wake up groggy. It’s a problem teens go through each morning, and it affects their grades in school. It’s hard to get a good grade if you spend the majority of class in a daze.

Monday is that day of the week nobody really likes. With a new week of learning and education, we find ourselves bummed. Students enjoyed themselves over the weekend, as it was a small break from school. As the new week starts, the students have to get to work again. So it is no wonder that students feel tired.

Have you ever spent a few days in a hospital after a surgery or an accident, and it feels exhausting and everlasting? That’s because staying in a hospital is boring, or at least many see it that way. It’s the complete opposite of “time flies,” as boring occasions seem to last eons. Also, they seem to hypnotize people, lulling them to sleep. That’s why you see people fall asleep in class; they find it boring. Learning about the Pythagorean Theorem can be boring, but it still is important if you want to pass your math classes.

Even if you haven’t had to undergo anesthesia (lucky you), you still probably know what it feels like to go through a trip that’s… trippy. Dreams are visions and scenarios the brain makes up when you are asleep, and most dreams are weird. Medical News Today says that we dream to give a representation of desires we don’t know we have. There are many interpretations, but dreams will always remain strange.

Sleeping is a common thing to do. If you don’t sleep, you may need to get help. We sleep to regenerate ourselves and relax. When resting, we take a break from life, and prepare ourselves for the next day.



Sleeping soundly: A mix to drift off to, a playlist by xjustcallmemadi on Spotify

Madi and Salem threw together this playlist for you to (hopefully) be able to drift off into dreamland. Sweet dreams!

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The science of sleep