Head To Head: Prom There

A heated debate in the recent weeks: where prom should be held.

Photo by: Kaylee Klosterman

A heated debate in the recent weeks: where prom should be held.

Brooklynne Propes, Sports Editor

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Tradition is the handing down of information, beliefs, or customs. Jefferson City as a community and Jefferson City High School revolve around tradition. Whether the tradition has been going on for 65 years or 5 years. This year, we are breaking tradition. Prom is being held as the high school instead of Capital Plaza, where it has been held for the past few years. Upperclassmen, seniors in general, are not very pleased with this recent development. Seniors Seth Ward and Lexy Haug understand that it was a mistake, but are still upset about the matter.

“When I heard prom was going to be at school this year, I was disappointed,” Ward said. “I also heard that it was a mix-up and would most likely be fixed next year, but that doesn’t help the seniors now.”

Growing up, especially if you have older siblings like many of us do, prom is definitely something you look forward to. Senior prom in Jefferson City is supposed to be when you dress up, take pictures, go to dinner, and go to a fancy hotel that you probably wouldn’t get to go to otherwise.

“Having prom at Capital Plaza makes it feel special and more important than any other dance. That is definitely something you look forward to while you are an underclassmen,” Haug said.

While not having prom at Capital Plaza is frustrating, it is equally frustrating that the underclassmen have a dance that the upperclassmen did not get, and cannot attend.

“The dance for the underclassmen should be on a different night than prom, and everyone should be allowed to go. The freshman and sophomores weren’t affected by the prom mixup,” Ward said.
So, since JCHS is all about tradition, I feel as though there should’ve been something done to fix this. I am not blaming anyone nor do I think this has “ruined prom” but it did put a damper on things at first. I’m sure the decorators and prom committee will put in more work to make it feel more special. It doesn’t feel like prom, you do not feel like the dance is any more special, and it is breaking a tradition in Jefferson City.