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Scholar Bowl is “Trivia Crack in Real Life”

Sophomore Braden Cook reads questions during an after-school meeting

Sophomore Braden Cook reads questions during an after-school meeting

Photo by: Salem Sanfilippo Solindas

Photo by: Salem Sanfilippo Solindas

Sophomore Braden Cook reads questions during an after-school meeting

Salem Sanfilippo Solindas, Staff Reporter

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Looking for a place to talk about Frank Ocean, quadratic equations, and the French Revolution all in the span of five minutes? Scholar Bowl has you covered.

Every Monday and Thursday, a few clever students gather in room N164 with popcorn to answer questions about everything from atoms to black holes, and everything in between.

“Scholar Bowl is like Trivia Crack, but in real life,” sophomore Diya Divyakumar said.

Sophomore Braden Cook typically reads the questions for others to answer, but he says his role on the team is different from what you might expect.

“Everyone has their own expertise. each team is balanced out because everyone has their own knowledge, but we’re all friends,” Cook said. “At tournaments I [answer] everything about current events and pop culture, so there’s this joke that I’m the ‘trash person’, since I do everything that’s not history or literature.”

The team has one tournament in March and has already competed in four since the new year. Typically, a busy schedule creates a lot of stress, but the members of Scholar Bowl see their busy practice and competition schedule differently.

“I’m kind of excited, because there’s a lot more of us [going to them now]. It’ll be a little more competitive, since there’s more teams and more schools,” said sophomore Kaira Podadera, who has been a part of the team since late last year.

Along with the competitions the team competes in, Scholar Bowl is holding a tournament of its own. Schools from across the state will come to Jefferson City High School to compete for a first place trophy on Apr. 1. Though JC’s team will not be competing in this one, it will be very busy, running rounds and calculating scores throughout the day.

“We would like to have some scorekeepers, so if you guys can come, that’d be really great!” Divyakumar said.

High school students can volunteer and help is greatly needed. Contact Shelly Kiesling or come to JCHS on Apr. 1 if you are interested in helping run the tournament.


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Scholar Bowl is “Trivia Crack in Real Life”