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What it’s like to “ride solo” on Feb. 14

Embracing My Independence and Relationship Status: Single

Embracing My Independence and Relationship Status: Single

Photo by: Sidney Johnson

Photo by: Sidney Johnson

Embracing My Independence and Relationship Status: Single

Sidney Johnson, reporter

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Valentine’s Day has been around for hundreds of years. The holiday’s roots come from ancient Rome. During the festival of Lupercalia, Pope Gelasi

us declared this festival as a Christian feast day on Feb. 14, circa 496. This was a fertility celebration, which was named St. Valentine’s Day.


It wasn’t until the 14th century when Valentine’s Day became an actual holiday for couples. Jewelry, chocolate, and teddy bears are all things some couples purchase for each other in today’s society. A nice, quiet and personal dinner could be planned out for a couple’s evening. Valentine’s Day, for some that are single, can be a dark time. For others, it is just a another day. Joni Lehman, a junior at Jefferson City High School, could care less about all the sappy couples celebrating their so-called love for each other and can’t wait for some good deals on candy.


“Of course, you can have your moments where you feel down, but you have to realize that Valentine’s Day is just like every other day of the year, so what’s the big deal?” Lehman said.”Plus, after Valentine’s Day, you can buy lot of chocolate that will be on sale.”


Valentine’s Day can single out those who aren’t in relationships. This can have a lot to do with the advertisements for this particular day. This is one of the most advertized holidays of the entire year. Florists, greeting card companies, jewelry stores, and chocolatiers are all known to be a lot more busy and advertize a great amount more for this holiday.


Jake Nowack, a senior at JCHS, sees right through what the society makes up to seem so important to have a picture perfect valentine’s day. Nowack thinks of Valentine’s Day of a good way to get things done and get ahead while everyone is distracted with festivities


“It’s a really great down time to get stuff done for yourself,” Nowack said. “Sit back and relax, catch up on some reading, clean the house, whatever it might be.”


Being in a relationship during Valentine’s Day can seem like a dream come true, but some say its over hyped. Valentine’s Day is still known as a day to show your appreciation towards someone you love and are committed to. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship there are different up sides to both during Valentine’s Day.

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What it’s like to “ride solo” on Feb. 14