H2H Sadie Hawkins

Reporter Sidney Johnson asks Peter Kuster to Winter Sports

Photo by: Kaylee Klostermen

Reporter Sidney Johnson asks Peter Kuster to Winter Sports

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At Jefferson City High School there is a total of three formal dances a year: Homecoming, Winter Sports and Prom. For all three of these dances, it is known that the boys ask the girls to be their date. On the other hand, Helias High School has a dance once a year that they call “Sadie Hawkins.” The difference between this dance and any of the JCHS dances is that the girls get the chance to ask a boy. Some students, such as Helias senior Greta Lariosa, believe JCHS should have a Sadie Hawkins dance.

“I like the Sadie Hawkins dance because it gives girls a chance to ask in whatever creative way they’ve always wanted to ask a guy,” Lariosa said.

In many ways, Sadie Hawkins is similar to Winter Sports. They are more casual dances unlike Homecoming and Prom. Helias has their Sadie Hawkins dance at the Mill Bottom instead of at their school. They still have a top 10 boys and girl court and all the fundamentals are the same. The only difference is that the girls are expected to ask the boys in a creative way.

“I think JC should have a Sadie Hawkins dance,” Lariosa said. “It can be very fun coming up with cute ways to ask a guy.”

Stereotyping is a huge problem when it comes to high school events. Junior Kylie Kummer agrees that stereotyping can be a problem.

“Formal dances are always stereotyped that boys should ask girls and that it isn’t normal for the girl to ask the guy,” Kummer said. “It would be fun to change it up a bit and break the stereotype.”

Not only would girls enjoy asking the boy, but the boys would also enjoy it. A Sadie Hawkins dance would give boys a break from always having to ask the girl. Many times boys feel pressured to ask in a romantic way to make the girl happy. Boys need a break from this stress and give the girls a chance to come up with a creative idea. Junior Baylor Rimiller brings up a point that girls may be more creative than boys.

“Since Winter Sports is more of a casual dance it would be exciting to have a Sadie Hawkins dance and mix things up,” Rimiller said. “Girls are more creative when it comes to coming up with ideas.”

JCHS should look at turning Winter Sports into a Sadie Hawkins type of dance. Girls deserve the chance to ask the boys at least for one of the three dances a year. This would make the winter dance a little more interesting for everyone because switching things up can always be a fun adventure.